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What is medical cannabis?


Medical cannabis is made up of the leaves, flowers, and buds of the Cannabis sativa plant. The flower portions of the cannabis plant contain the richest concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids which are the most desirable compounds of the plant for medical and recreational cannabis users. 

Is medical cannabis legal in Canada?


YES Health Canada has approved the use of cannabis as a legal medicine since 2001, and there are 35 Health Canada Licensed Producers (LP's) who sell and mail it to Canadians. 

How do I use medical cannabis?


Medicinal cannabis can be used in a variety of ways. It can be vaporized, consumed in edibles or in concentrated oil. It can also be smoked although this method is not recommended. The intensity and duration of the effects of cannabis can vary depending on several factors, including how you consume it, the amount you use and how your body responds to the active ingredients. 

Does insurance cover this?


The same way your current insurance covers prescriptions. The NIHB plan by Health Canada has a comprehensive list of products covered and more are being added all the time. IcMD and its team complete all applications for you to your private insurance or Health Canada NIHB plan. If your private insurance or coverage under Health Canada NIHB plan does not cover the product then you would have to pay the cost of the medication only. 

What is legal age for medical cannabis?


To qualify for a medical cannabis prescription you must be at least 18 years of age. Patients under 18 can be assisted with parental supervision. There are several pediatric compassion programs available but do require a parent to be involved in the process. Contact us for more information 

Can I travel with my medicine?


You may travel freely within Canada. You cannot travel outside of Canada with your prescription. Medical patients may bring their product in their carry on for domestic flights. Please verify with your airline as regulations do change.

How secure is this?


 This is a fully rated and compliant Heath Canada application. IcMD uses bank level encryption and record keeping. All appointments match your provided ID with the face in front of the screen. No one can use your account or get access to your records.  

How is it delivered?


By using secure tracked Canada Post, FedEx or Purolator delivery systems we deliver to your door. We can offer same day, next day or 2 day delivery to even remote and rural communities. 

Is delivery secure?


At your door the minimum standard is to match your physical ID with the order. Using the facial recognition software will allow us to ensure only the people who are supposed to receive product will.  

Who supplies medical cannabis?


Through partnership agreements IcMD is able to offer a choice of 10+ Health Canada Licensed Producers to choose from. If your community has its own LP then all orders can be filled locally if you choose to join your LP with IcMD

Are you hiring?


Through a lifetime of supporting Indigenous employment and self-sufficiency in our communities IcMD is committed to continue offering employment opportunities. If you are a nurse practitioner or doctor we encourage you to contact us to see how you can join our program. 

How do you help communities?


 IcMD has seen many groups and people try to take advantage of our people's economic opportunities. We ask you to visit the IcMD Gives Back page to learn about our commitment to returning 5%-10% of all IcMD GROSS profits back to each community it comes from.